Tug O' War Toy

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PROMOTES PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH - Tugging on this toy is a great way to give your dogs the physical exercise that they need. It strengthens their jaw muscles and also improves their mood, reducing boredom, stress, and destructive habits.

OUTLET FOR BITING - Most dogs, especially puppies, love having something to bite. This means chewed up papers, furniture, and even painful ankle-bites. This Tug O' War Toy satisfies their need to bite and teaches them what is OK for them to bite and what is not.

EASY TO INSTALL – Simply stick and go! Your dog will have no idea why it won't come off!

 dog ball suction cup toy aggressive chewers

STRONG & DURABLE – Each Suction Pup is made with high quality, non-toxic material that your dog will enjoy for hours!

WILL IT HARM MY PET? Absolutely not! Our Tug O' War Toy was specifically designed with thick cotton fibre rope to prevent any backfire or kickbacks.


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